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Spring Creek Mine

Comment Period Ends on July 19

The Spring Creek Mine is the largest coal mine in Montana, employing nearly 250 people and providing over $50 million in taxes and royalties to the state in 2014. Environmental activist groups continue to pursue their mission to keep coal in the ground, and now we need you to show your support of the Spring Creek Mine.

As part of their ongoing campaign to stop coal mining, the Wild Earth Guardians, in one of many legal actions in several different jurisdictions, managed to get a District Court judge in Montana to issue a decision giving the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) 240 days to complete yet another environmental assessment of Spring Creek Mine’s previously permitted mining plan. The mining plan was approved in June 2012 after a thorough environmental assessment was completed and much of the coal covered by it has already been mined. We are disappointed that the trial court’s decision fails to recognize the robust, multi-year regulatory process that has already been conducted and calls into question the ability of the mine to continue operations under an existing permit; however, Cloud Peak Energy will work to assist OSM in addressing this additional review. The Spring Creek Mine is proud of its record of strong environmental stewardship and provides significant benefits including safe, reliable and low-cost electricity, good-paying jobs and substantial federal, state and local tax and royalty revenue.

This is where we need you to Support Spring Creek. OSM is currently accepting comments on the draft environmental assessment, and we need you to stand up on behalf of the nearly 250 employees and their families, along with the thousands of people impacted by Spring Creek Mine’s economic contributions to both Wyoming and Montana.

Your voice is more important now than ever before. Submit your comments by July 19 and make your voice heard: I Support Spring Creek Mine.

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In 2015, the Spring Creek Mine spent over $50 million dollars in goods, services and community contributions to local businesses and organizations in Wyoming and Montana.

The Spring Creek Mine has a strong record of using innovative approaches to successfully reclaim the land after mining is complete. As a recipient of the 2005 and 2009 Office of Surface Mining National Reclamation Awards, the Spring Creek Mine is committed to reclaiming the land to a condition as good as, or better than, pre-mining in compliance with rigorous federal and state standards. Unlike some other sources of energy, surface mining at the Spring Creek Mine is a temporary use of the land, which is evident in the reclamation completed at the site — showcasing true environmental stewardship.

I support Spring Creek Mine employee

I support Spring Creek Mine

“We need you to support Spring Creek Mine.”

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Gabe Johnson,
Environmental Engineer at Spring Creek Mine

I’m proud to be a part of the reclamation at the Spring Creek Mine. We live and work in some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Our employees hunt, fish, camp, hike and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. Our reclamation has received national awards for diversity and rare plant conservation and we are working with universities, other mines and regulatory agencies to improve wildlife habitat reclamation. So when it comes to protecting our environment, we are leading the way in conservation and reclamation efforts.”

— Gabe Johnson, Environmental Engineer at Spring Creek Mine

Montana Counts on Coal